Back Dunia

December 10, 2008

Salam, Wenesday December 10, 2008.

I’m back. I’m not a writer then. So long have been gone from this column. Life is a life. It’s about the journey. Nothing last forever. Whether you are rich or poor, everybody is the same. What you did here, the reward you will get it after died, rip. That’s forever.

Babi aka Pig, Anjing aka Dog. Everyone here specially Malay will feel uneasy of the animal. But other is this more important like Rasuah aka Bribery, Minum Mabuk aka Drinking Drunk, Main Perempuan aka Zina.

Full of greedy people now days. Very hard to find good, true friends. I like to watch P.Ramlee movies. Actually we can learn a lot from the film, such dialogue like `baik, baik ada makna’. ` apa hoi, hoi takda bahasa ka, nama saja orang malayu’. No matters you are Malays, Chinese, Indian, Sikh, Dayak, Asli etc… everybody is the same. Only their heart is different.

Now, some people just treat religion as their name, attire and pretend so that other people can see. Funny. Be a true of your religion. I am a muslim. We must respect other people from other religion an race as well.

Shah Rukh Khan get Datuk title. Bravo! Ok what. A few people here in Malaysia didn’t agree with it. So what. It’s only Datuk. Please study Khan background. It’s not easy to get where he are today. Hard work, brother…. Don’t just talk, suma tak puas ati. Complain lebih. Learn from him how he can be success. I also admire Mr Tony Fernandes of Air Aisa. Mission Impossible. But he then can do it. As long you have the will and hard work, but don’t forget Allah. Follow it.

H… C U



March 11, 2008

At last. After a while waiting and waiting….. finally the peoples choose & said what they want loud and clear!  Now they really get the result big time, 5 states to the people power. Want some more?  Many of them are still shocked like chicken sh!  And also died for heart attack.  Don’t play2 with it.  He you pay, after life also gotta pay dude!

Where is the son in law? no statement? Usually his face on front page of the newspaper ot tv. Where are you? Hiding behind father in law.  The old man that don’t have the shame at all.  Still talking cockkk.  Our ears feel full of sht if hear one word from you. All are rubbish…  We want fact & figure!  We are not like your bodek followers! We have brain to think and use it!

Enough is enough.  For the morone, please step down.  You responsible making people suffered!  All are empty promises.  The Johorian want the new bridge!  Understand!  Don’t give more excuses, or we will take all the state belong to us, peoples party. 

These stupidity of the leaders are the one who killings the malays.. to the drain.  Still don’t believe? If this madness still continue, wait and see…. whether tak melayu hilang didunia or not. Yup, tak hilang.. but nanti become kuli baru tau.  Because of greedy and stupid, this is what they get.  Malay dilemma. Read it! Melayu mudah lupa! (Eat belacan-udang & otak udang-can make your neurotransmitter in the brain blow up.. easy to forget). Be carefull on what you eat. 

So …….. let wait and seeee………

Bloggers Malaysian

March 8, 2007

`They’ simply accused bloggers are liars without fair judgment. But it’s proven it is untrue. We are messenger to speak the truth with integrity & we have that credibility and responsible with what we wrote. It’s up to the reader to judge & make their own decision whether want to believe it or not, based on fact & figure.
Recent news, throughout the media we can see that the bloggers gave the truth about the real information such as new government plane, nasi kandar in Australia, flood, bribe, misused power & etc. This is what the people got to know. Is it a lie? No. I don’t think so. God gave us the brain to think. Use it wisely.
Malaysia is a very beautiful country. There are no other place in the world like Malaysia.. with mix culture & religion living in harmonies. Variety of foods & we can do what ever we want here as long don’t break the law. It’s a gold mine.
I believe in principal, discipline. Malaysian! Talking about the rest room is very sad. After throw out the thing, they don’t know how to flush it! Where is the manners. Sometime I wonder why? Why? Even cats & dogs also cover it with sand. When talk about religion, the basic thing also they are not doing, you just imagined. I think it’s waste of government money to build the fantastic toilet at Bkt.Bintang. Gave the money to the poor is better. It’s not prove anything. It’s didn’t educate them who are worst than dogs.
Kamikaze…. They drove very fast like mad dogs on highway. Don’t care about others. Big vehicles also the same. Everyone is kiasu. Sometime the slow one also drive on the fast lane, very selfish stupid. The car they are driving usually like sardine can, no safety at all… handling wise out compared to luxury expensive one. That make the difference. They simply change the engine to get the car run more faster, but in term of braking & suspension is out. Malaysian like to alter.
Today! Wife also working because not enough money by the middle of the month, helping the husband. This is very sad. I am a man with pride. I can’t watch my wife to work. I’ll be hitting my self for that. For me, she is the queen. Let me find da money, as long I’ve given by god this body, mental & energy, amin. I’ve got a friend who talk about religious because he study in Overseas,middle east., about this and that. Halal & Haram. But…. The Truth is that his wife is working damn bloody hard for their living, he is not working, sitting at home take care of the baby. Now! He wanted to continue study & his wife is getting the money for him. Can you imagined that? Then, the wife just follow coz wanna be good wife & go to heaven. This is real so* o* a bi*c*. What a world.
Hmmm….. so many thing to share…. I’ll be back.


February 23, 2007


Monday night, chilly…Haa… while enjoying my family chicken tandoori, we do it ourselves rather that the mamak tandoor with no taste. Talking to my cousin regarding current situation… Familyman, he live in Sungai Buloh working in army place there. Now suffer because of the toll hike. Everything goes sky rocket. But the income is the same. He got to do part time in order to have more RM. Little time for family, pity for him. What to do.

Met my friend, that his house was hit by the Johor Flood on Dec, asking him if he already received the compensation money from government, yup he said RM500 He said it’s not enough for the family, lots of thing destroyed. Actually Malaysia is a rich country with recent news TRILLION in trading with now government `Rental’ a plane worth RM200Million. Rental Eye Of Malaysia, new Penang bridge RM9 plan & etc etc. WOW! Is it so. The funny thing they cut the extra RM100million for text book for education for the people. What is RM2000 salary this days? To cover all family? Is it enough? With all the thing rocket high…..
Imagine this! Malaysian population 30million. Rather than buying the Hadari Plane….. cost RM200million. If the government give everybody RM 1 million, they still have balance of RM 170 million. Then no poverty or what the hack about text books, petrol, everyday expenses… whatever… no worries…. Then we talk about Modal Insan! Simple calculation.

Funny, reading today newspaper… a man jailed 4 months because stealing RM8 coin at KLCC. Hmmm…. What about those Moth***fu**er that steal people money, those basta*d from nobody suddenly became rich, richer than sultan, can make bigger palace than Sultan. Where is the BPR or related government body to see this problem, like our IGP Dato Musa said they have to closed one eyes. Why?

Sad, sad but true. Talk about most of then religion is Islam. Pathetic! Disgraceful! No difference than Ayah Pin! Only thing they have licence to do anything. If this thing continued… then sadly this beloved country go to wrong direction.. not Wawasan2020 but Jahanam2020.

All da people. Shared your idea toward better Malaysia. PEACE!




February 22, 2007

Election… is nearby… can smell it…. Now I will Vote for the right.  At last!


February 7, 2007


Neutral? Hmmm.. those days when I was in school learn science chemistry Acid & Alkaline PH3 PH7 PH4…. And Neutral. What is exactly Neutral. It is in the middle. Not that side nor this side. Back to humanity, races, religion…
I’m practicing Islam, and Islam is simple. Just follow the rules. Islam don’t belong to specific race. Chinese, Indian, Malay, Asli, European, Arabian, Russian, Punjabi, whatever it is… as long human being can practicing Islam.
Don’t be too fanatic. Just follow Prophet Muhammad step and stay out from trouble. Is that simple. `Ke Sederhana an’. These days are very sad, sad, sad! Between Muslim brothers also can fight, Why? Sunna & Syia … Sunna & Sunna… syia & Syia…
Be kind & good to other people, no matter race or religion. Come on, whether I’m a Malay, Indian, Chinese… cut my hand & yours… the blood still RED in Color! Whatever organ I have, other people have too.
Everyone are the same! Read the Quran. True meaning. What is the purpose we created here in this lovely world… that are temporary… before the final judgement. Now days is very sad. Lot of Munafik people out there. They talk so much and no meaning at all. Remember, what ever speech come out from our mouth is our prayer… so think before talking.
How can people lied bigtime without being punished. ( Wait your judgement from otherside). Politics is very cruel. People made it that way. Everywhere got politics, working , at home, family, leaders.. etc.
Why are people can change after got power and money, they forget! Don’t play god. God is watching. I love this country very much. After traveling to other countries, I’ll find Malaysia is the best. Don’t ruin that.
Yesterday news. Newborn died in such annoyed manner. I agree with Tuan Dato KPN said the father also must be punished! Using DNA. Use the technology, What a brilliant idea. Can you imagine, a dog also take care of the puppy and the human being that just throw away their baby to the garbage. Are they really human? What is their religion then? What are they practicing? Disgraceful! What is the majority races that throw away their babies? Do some statistic! Please… Help this bastard. What is the purpose of certain gvnmt bodies that really take care of these matters. Can they see. What is the action.
Paper. Everyday more negative reports than positive. Very funny the trend here. When in the front page story about Toyol, the whole week & probably whole month, talking about that.. Robbery…. Rape…. Killing….. is like chain reaction. When people have the black spot inside their brain, wala! Like magic… after reading this stories…. It trigger them to do, but even better, learn from past mistake. Why is the newspaper not give more positive input like.. how to get more money, good job, how the successful people did it, new business etc…
We are the People! Please united we stand no matter whatever the Race, Religion, Skin Color…. For Malaysia for our generation. Let the truth be truth. No matter who we are, the blood is still red in color.


Writer O

February 6, 2007


I’m not a good writer. Hmmm… I just write whatever i think and that is my personal opinion. This days… imagined unthinkable. You can do it. Nothing is impossibe.

How did David Copperfield do the magic? If I can do it, I’ll make sure do it for good purpose. The scumbags I’ll send them to Bermuda Triangle! Ha Ha Ha…. Make them disappeared. I’ll do magic make the Petrol 45cent per litre. ha Ha….. the road tax vanished. Then I can drive a 6000 cc car with safety features without afraid driving in KamiKaze road here….

Recent News in Singapore, new Grad get SGD2000 salary by average. That’s good. Nasi campur with good lauk only 2.50. My friend just bought BMW Oil filter for his E39 and cost only SGD3, and brand new German Disc Plate for only SGD80 per piece. Can you imagined that?( Here…. Alamak… potong leher daa… parts are 2nd hand & get from Potong Kereta…) Cost there more cheaper than Proton Wira here. No wonder there are many Fast & Luxury cars there.

So many thing to considered. Ya… life is more harder and competitive here. What to do. So many people with 2 or even 3 jobs here. Into direct selling, insurance, selling foodstuff… etc… No time for themselves. No time for vacation. No value time for kids. Kids with social problem, no integrity, Husband & Wife cheated each other, divorced… coz economic problem… Lastly,…. End up with frustration… stress….. heart problem…. High blood… diabetic….All in one.. The end! At Last awarded with a piece of land …ya FOC. 6 feet under, 3 feet wide.Going to other side… Ha that another thing! So many questions to answer. ( Is it subjective or objective question?) Are we prepared with it?

What happened to this world? The people? Greed! The leaders aka da politicians. What have you all done? You are killing your own generations! With your stated income … you can afford to have multi million palace & multi million asset & etc etc…. WE CHALLANGED YOU TO DECLARED YOUR PROPERTY, WHERE THE MONEY COME FROM!!! We are not StupiD! Then we talk! Followed by Example. Please, do something. Don’t just talk rubbish. Get back to the track. To the as*lickers, think again. Use the brain. Please. Make sure the Wawasan2020 on track, don let it be just Word and numbers.

Lots a fellow around me are complaining, regret, fed-up on thing goin on there days. Don’t let us da people sink like the Titanic. Look huge & strong, once hit the cold chilly ice… finished.

I m de sole provider.. earn income 4 de family. I want my wife like a queen at home and look after the kids. To be real mom. Have real bond with the kids. Teach & loving them 100 percent… so they will be quality person & get our true love then. Then we talk about Integrity & Modal Insan. The question is, how many people this days got the chance. THINK>>>>>…..


February 5, 2007


RECENTLY NEWS, da GVNMT rental VIP plane. ( ps : Can I rent it, I just a shareholders aka da people that vote for you) Is it true then? Hmm…. I wonder….. After reading to other team mate bloggers regarding this matter and the fact plus the newspaper…. …. after fair judgement… BINGO! The plane belongs to da GVNMT. Bravo! next the GVNMT can `rental’ also whatever they want. What a great plan. We, the people can… Plant Vege for our own meal, catch the fish from flooded area, pay the toll, the petrol, all thing price increased… nop problem Sir, we will pay, and keep on paying, suffer also nevermind. Thank you for the trust we gave you. De Malaysean is like that. MISI2020 now, when I watch TV. Change from WAWASAN2020. Funny… funny… funnier that Mr.Bean.

My Friend just came back form Arab country, worked there, last time here, got fustrated and get USD now rather than RM. He said there, the petrol cost RM0.45 cent per litre. No road tax to be paid. The car all big cc there, Wow,, I still wondering when will da GVNMT reduce the price . OOOOO FORGOT,, THEY have to see and study carefully world market  within one (1) year time… ha ha ha…. Thank You again. Why not 10 or 100 years then, it will be more easier and better . Please…. increase the price… it’s too low if compared to other country,,,, please please.

Any body have kambing ka lembu…. I want to be the gembala kambing & lembu,
successfull entrepreneur followed the GVNMT advised. Throw away all the electronic gadget, MSC all that. Insteead of Fernleaf…. Or Dutch Lady… new local product will be Malay Lady, Pucuk Paku Leaf better for malaysean to drink. DHA for the brain…. Please support us da Gembala. Then can export also for FTA… GLOBAL MARKET…. We trade Vege & get Car from Japane.  Protong can closed down. No need.

FUTURE! What will happen? With all this Global Warming… and People act pandai. I got no hope and faith to all these people that just know how to talk but no action. This is Hypocrite. Bravo again. Like Arnold Susahnakeja said. Astalavisata baby! Stay here, I’ll be back!

January 24, 2007



January 24, 2007

Watch the TV talking about that. Can talk so much about this and that, bla bla bla…. Ya its funny when people only talk no action. Excuse me, we are not stupid, s t u p i d! Such as moron, not answering the question. Gave stupido answer that are irrelevant. They are making new thing like `Modal Insan’ integeriti nasional, this that… how to spend govenmt money. ( Our People Money ). 

Please, please! Don’t waste time on this. Look at basic matter. What is the problem exactly. The real concern is ECONOMIC factor aka MONEY. That is the root of everything. Imagine, if you are working in town area, wife and 3 kids, with salary RM2K. Is it enough? Then wife have to work to support family, why she go to work? Because have to! No choice. Kids send to nursery, there they will sure take care nicely with good education… this is where all the nightmare begin…. Without good foundation… child will feel lost… then later…. social problem… next generation will be useless…

Imagine, those days…. we are more capable on doing things… when we were kids. No electronic gadget… no this no that…. Our mother looking for us while father working… we have good loving care from then. We respect our teacher. ( Although we are pailang at school ) But now, the teacher speak only, then they will sue them in court. No canning in publiclah…. last time ok, no problem, we know if we do wrong , we deserve for that.  Really thank you to teacher… thank you.

Present! Both of them working, come home tired. No true love. This is the main root of evil come over… + the influence by junk newspaper with all the negative thought.

Melayu mudah lupa. Still fresh in my memory. Malay Dilemma. Why? Why?

– Leaders by example! They forgot to respect elders when power in their hand. (How can they expect people to react then? follow their footsteps, of course! )

– Leaders, they forget who gave them what ever they have now, instead they curse the elders for it, and said the elders useless. ( social problem created by them )

– Leaders, lying bigtime. ( They only talk rubbish, don’t know what the hack they are talking about. No fact only bullsh**. And expect people be good)

– No qualification, but can manage to get loan million dollars project. ( Funny, but it’s true. When small genuine businessman want to get couple of hundred loan from bank also impossible, they turn to Ahh loong. Why? Think)


PS: – Why there is no live telecast Asean Cup Malaysia vs Singapore. Where is the patriotisme spirit! When case Mawi Sawi and Ina Bulu Kening they all show live with Astro all in. WHY?